Bosaso’s lobster star

Abdi Farah Yusuf is the star diver of Guled Fishing Company and the recipient of technical assistance in the fishery sector provided by LEAD Somalia partner Shaqodoon in December last year

The fishing company, based in Bossaso, is one of several SMEs that were assessed by Shaqodoon in 2017 in order to determine its challenges and needs. The needs assessment identified a number of skills that the company’s staff was lacking include particular expertise in diving and catching lobsters.

Abdi, a long-term employee of the company, attended the technical training which focused on different fishing techniques to locate and catch fish and other aquatic animals with diving skills to increase efficiency. Two months after having completed his training, Abdi has made a considerable impact on his company’s fish quota. Not only has there been an increase in the company’s fish quota, but he has since been promoted by the company to specialize in lobster fishing. Lately, the company provided him a diving gear and promised that they will award him 50% share of the lobster he catches.

After participating in the LEAD training, Abdi has shared the knowledge with other employees of the same Company so that they can take his perform his duties while he is away. The company acknowledges that such knowledge sharing has led to the expansion of the Company. Today the company opened an additional retail location in different areas of Bosaso town.

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