Hargabits Third Batch Graduation Ceremony.

Hargeisa, 31 December 2019 — Hargabits digital design skills academy commemorated a cheerful event to honor the third batch of graduates who have excelled studying at the academy. The event was chaired by Gulaid M. Odowa a senior web development instructor at the academy, Mr Guled has welcomed the distinguished guests and expressed a deep congratulation to the graduating students.

The graduating students have gone through many levels of study during their one year study at the bits academy, starting off as a one class they have mastered the use of computers and basic computer and internet skills, learning courses on basic web development and graphic design to help them choose what skills they want to learn and pursue a career in.

Hargabits have then divided the students into three sections of study, Motion graphics, Graphic design and Web development, studying at two different locations, Hargeisa innovation hub HarHub and the info center at Edna Aden University.

Representatives of different organisations and institutions have been in presence at the event, including these guests was Hassan Gaadh-Haye from Hargabits partner Oxfam.

Ahmed Ali has delivered the opening remarks welcoming the guests and breifly explaining the journey of the students and the future of Hargabits, “Hargabits represents one of the main goals of Shaqodoon.” Say Ahmed Ali innovations and startups manager at Shaqodoon “It is one of the many ways Shaqodoon set-out to create jobs for the youth, through this medium and with the use of technology, because digital talented workforce has high demands in the market, and these youth have now acquired the skills that could easily match them with employers.”

Other guests have addressed the students aiming to inspire them to continuesly engage with Shaqodoon and Hargabits, and to presume the studying and improving their skills.

The 52 students graduated from Hargabits will join the ever growing Hargabits alumni of 170 students who are now professionals working in different sectors.

During the ceremony, the students have took the stage to showcase the work they have produced during the course of their studies.

Students have also taken entrepreneurship classes and started ventures offering the services of the skills they have obtained from the academy. Shaqodoon has held a business challenge for these ventures and granted seed funding to the winning businesses.

Finally, the graduates have been called to the stage to receive certificates of honor from a board comprising the partners, guests, and parents.

Shaqodoon has Launched RESI In Hargeisa.

Hargeisa, 10 December 2019 — Shaqodoon with the help of ITC (International Trade Center) launched Refugee employment and skills initiative (RESI) at HarHub (Hargeisa Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub) which will open opportunities for youth with 21st century skills to work as freelancers and serve both the local an d global communities. The program aims to reach and support all youth especially youth from displaced backgrounds.

Shaqodoon will facilitate a Digital skills training program to equip youth with the necessary technical and freelancer skills to work independently, The event gathered different stakeholders such as program committees, program beneficiaries, and other parties from the government and private sectors.

“Technology offers speed and accuracy, and since we are living in the age of information it’s imperative to teach our youth how to work as freelancers so they can serve global communities remotely.” — says Ahmed Mohamed Business Developer officer at Shaqodoon as part of his opening remarks, Ahmed expressed deep concern over the creation of employment for youth for them to find financial freedom and help them contribute to the growth of economy.

The youth will learn different skills through this program on working as online freelancers through the RESI Freelance programme. Abdifatah Aden the mentor and trainer for this program thoroughly explained RESI project, Explaining how RESI tailors its activities with targeted private and public partnerships, builds strong market connections, and brings capacity building to the next level through relevant network connections and mentorship. With this approach, RESI ensures newly acquired skill-sets translate into actual income gains and job creation.

SSG’s General Director Mr Mohamed Jama presented his newly inaugurated freelancer website Somwork which is a hub that aims to connect freelancers with employers and projects locally and internationally.

Mohamed Hassan the general director of Shaqodoon closed the occasion with encouraging message for beneficiaries, emphasizing on why Shaqodoon chose to conduct the digital skills training program aligning their core values with RESI project as Shaqodoon aspires to empower youth through entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

Tarmiye Fund — $1,000,000 For Somali Entrepreneurs In The Next Five Years.

On the 1st of December 2019 Harhub — Hargeisa first entrepreneurship and innovation Hub organized a highly orchestrated occasion celebrating the launch of Tarmiye Fund with the help of Shaqodoon Organization and Premier Bank and the support of Oxfam and Spark, Tarmiye Fund aims to provide funding opportunities for Somali entrepreneurs in the coming five years up to 1 Million dollars going onto this businesses development and the creation of at least 1,000 new jobs.

Harhub has also inaugurated the launch of the first Somali crowdfunding platform, Tarmiye Crowdfunding Platform an alternative form of financing for young entrepreneurs; They can use these channels to raise funds for their startups so they can turn their ideas into profitable businesses.

Funding is crucial for elevating business and creating jobs, improving technology, hiring the right people, and launching a comprehensive marketing strategy to get a foothold in the market. However, sourcing enough money to start your new venture can be difficult, especially in this region.

Barriers faced by entrepreneurs include it has became difficult to access suitable funding through the years, high failure rate due to short repayment period, also the development of a collateral requirement by financial institutions such as banks, not only this but entrepreneurs also face limited alternative financing and youth startups are mostly being affected with no active special fund for youth not being in place specially vulnerable people’s access.

A business without a funding source will flounder under the weight of its own debt. Funding is the fuel on which a business runs. A business can take different avenues to attain funding, and more than one option can be used. The chosen funding will depend on the business’ desire to be in debt, how solvent the business owners are at the time the business is founded and the amount of money a business will need to launch and maintain itself through a variety of events. SmallBusiness Chron

How is Tarmiye is different (Solution).

Tarmiye considering all these challenges and barriers in the market came up with a different approach to the way funds are distributed to businesses, thus limiting the risk to the financial institutions and removing the collateral requirements for loans below 5,000, the increase of duration of the payback, increased grace period to 90 days, and creating alternative funding opportunities for businesses like the crowdfunding platform — Tarmiye.com.

Tarmiye also aims to provide equal opportunities for all target youth, transparency, and funds limited to a defined age bracket with a special consideration to low-income families.

Abdiqani Dirie

On the launch of the event Abdiqani Dirie the head of programs of Shaqodoon thanked the guests as part of the opening remarks and welcomed to stage Mustafa Othman the Technology and Communication and technology manager, Mustafa thoroughly presented and explained Tarmiye fund.

Mustafa Othman

“On the launch of Tarmiye Fund we have decided to put our forces together to create better opportunities for communities in the different districts in Somaliland, Puntland and Somalia this is for them to have an impact in their respective communities.” Says Mustafa Othman.

Khadra Ali Harhub manager talked about the hubs 1-year anniversary and how the many success stories she has had the pleasure to see through that 1 year partly inspired the birth of Tarmiye Fund.

Khadra Ali

“We are pleased to announce the launching of the first crowd funding platform in Somaliland to enable entrepreneurs to raise funding for their ventures and help their businesses sustain and thrive. These ventures go through an accelerator program at the Hub, where they gain valuable input from training by experts and mentorships. Through Harhub we have been testing the platform with cohort 1 comprising five entrepreneurs and all entrepreneurs could complete their campaigns” says Khadra Ali, Hub Manager.

Premier Bank general director Mr Noradin Abdi has also talked about Tarmiye fund their contribution and the role banks play in the funding of these businesses.

The ceremony had also witnessed the official partnership agreement signing where Shaqodoon’s director Mr Mohamed Hassan, Harhub’s Manager Khadra Ali and Premier Bank’s director Noradin Abdi signed the agreement over Tarmiye fund.

Harhub has concluded the event awarding the first and second cohort of the hubs accelerator program where the startups have used Tarmiye crowdfunding opportunity to raise 30% to 50% of the seed fund they have received from Harhub, Mohmoud Batalaale Investment Manager of Harhub facilitated this session.

Finally, the minister of Somaliland’s Investment Mr Mohamed Awad who was also present said few remarks praising the partners for starting this initiative to fund the youth lead businesses.

“This program can inspire youth to join entrepreneurship and lead to the fruition of this nations natural resources for business, as well as fighting poverty and the creation of jobs which can help with the illegal immigration.” Minister Awad.

Solar Power Technician Training

Muhiim ah          

Waxaa la ogaysiinayaa Dhamaan Dhalinyarada
Jecel  wax barashada Kuna dhaqan
Magaalada Muqdishu, Kismaayo iyo Baidoa in ay SECCCO iyo haya’dda SHAQODOON
ay wada qaban doonaan Tababar Tiknolojiyada SOLAR lacag la’aan ah oo ay ka caawinayso UNDP.

Mashruucaan wadajir ka ah waxaa loogu tala
galay in shaqo abuur ayku helaan dhalinyarada soomaliyeed waxaana qayb ka ah
Ha’adaha qaramada Midoobay Sida: UNDP, ILO,FAO,UN habitat iyo UNIDO  oo wada shaqayn ay kala dhaxayso Dawladda
Federalka Soomaliyeed.

Tababarka waxa uu bilaaban doona  1da February 2019.

laga doonayo codsadaha

  1. In  codsadaha Da’diisu udhaxayso 15 illaa 29 sano rag iyo dumar ba.
  2. Dhalinyarada dugsiyadda sarre ka baxday ayaa lagu dhiiri galinaya in ay soo codsadaan.
  3. In codsadaha  uu xaadiro shaqo carbinta (internship)ka
  4. Codsadaha waxa lagu dhiiri galin doona shaqo carbinta kadib in shaqo lala raadiyo.

One of the first student from Alpha University who received an internship position.

Hassan is a 25-year-old senior at Alpha University who currently lives in Hargeisa. In his last year, before he graduates while studying accountant and finance he was able to land an internship position with the help of Shaqodoon. Hassan has never had a job neither has he ever worked as an intern. Out of 38 Universities in Somaliland only 1 has an internship program. With hard work and consistency Hassan luckily was able to be the first student from Alpha University to land an internship position.


“Being an intern leads you to a shining future because you get inner strength, confidence and self reliance.” Hassan 2017


Shaqodoon this year is supporting five local universities in Somaliland to place their students as interns in order to prepare for the real world workplace. Hassan was one of the lucky students Shaqodoon is supporting in 2017. In the month of May 2017 he started as an intern in the department of admin and Finance at the Ministry of Housing and Public Transportation.


“My initial plan was to move to another country after I graduate if I’m still unemployed but after gaining experience I changed my mind.” Hassan 2017


Hassan dreamed of an opportunity until it came knocking on his door one day. During his internship he received motivations and practical trainings which than gave him a greater level of understanding of how the admin and finance system functions. He really appreciated the placement and enjoyed his time.


“ The team I worked in was very friendly and welcoming. I felt that my confidence has improved and this placement has equipped me with the right skills I need for further employment in my graduate field. “ Hassan 2017

Entrepreneurship Training Ceremony

On 2nd of November 2016, a well-organized closing ceremony for entrepreneurship and skills enhancement program for graduated youth, was held in imperial hotel Hargaisa with presence of honourable guests.

Shaqodoon organization with the support of SPARK, trained youth graduates from both University of Hargiesa. (UoH) and Beder International University (BIU) on entrepreneurship program for a period of two weeks. During ceremony officials from the government was invited to participate, Mr. Mohamed Awoow from ministry of Education welcomed and thanked the participants and organizers on behalf of the director general ministry.

Mr. Abdirashid, the Dean of business department of UoH who was among the facilitators and lecturers of this training gave his speech and said “This short training will have positive impact, the future of the student participated and entire youth in the nationwide by reducing youth migrating outside of the country and motivates graduated youth to start their business than risking their lives on Tahrib”

He also added, “From my experience and the trainings outside Somaliland, In relation to the entrepreneurship courses, it gives me a confidence to say, this program will contribute to the future of students who aspire to be entrepreneurs”

Two students who participated the training and attended the event were also given chances to express their feelings, both students explained how this training program impacted their scope of thinking “We are in a better stage than where we were before this training program, and now we have the skills to develop business plans and the best way we can manage our business” one of the students said. “We have the skill to develop business plans, come up with new ideas and utilize our ability” another added.

Shiekh Abi from Beder International University came to the stage and shared his practical experience and life story with graduates, and he said “while I was watching TV in Saudi a young girl at the age of 8 years called the live program by saying I have an idea then the program commentator invited her a special meeting to discuss further with her idea, surprisingly her idea was sold about six million dollar and was added the future senior staffs of the institutions”.

Mr. Ahmed from SPARK briefed the Audience about the objectives of the training where he said ‘’that the aim of this training was to prepare the youth on becoming future entrepreneurs’’.

Finally, director general of the ministry of commerce thanked all the participants and Shaqodoon organization of implementing such sustainable projects in the whole of Somalia and in particular Somalilan, whch enhances job creation, training young graduates and other fruitful activities. He also promised that he will give students special focus by giving them all the assistances they might need in the future.

Somaliland Internship & Apprenticeship Consultative Workshop

A one day jointly organized, consultative workshop on internship and apprenticeship was held at the Ambassador hotel, the workshop main objectives was to promote information sharing among different regions in Somaliland, especially looking at formal employment among youth, disseminate knowledge and on guiding principles of organizations with significant impact; as well as identifying different avenues in designing and implementing youth initiatives.

The workshop brought together ministerial representatives of Somaliland government including ministry of youth, sports and culture, ministry of education and higher studies, employers of Spark and Shaqdoon organization. These organizations shared their most innovative youth employment experiences. Others present were university students, graduates and business community leaders

Shaqodoon representative Mr. Abdiqani diriye highlighted the efforts that Shaqodoon organization is making towards youth employment through their various investments. Some of the key components is connecting youth to potential employers through simple technology services and provision of relevant trainings to equip youths with necessary skills to make them suitable and competitive in the job market. Mr. Diriye also encouraged youth and the business community in general on creating businesses and enrolling institutions/programmes in supporting Shaqodoon & Sparks initiatives, so that employment opportunities are created and local economy similarly improved.

Prior to the workshop, representatives of each organizations including government institutions completed forms on initiatives to promote formal employment among youth. They were also asked to identify innovative experience of proven impact, these information served as the bases for the rounds of presentations and mutual learning exercises.

The workshop methodology, had participatory focus that gave participants the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of pros and cons of the innovative experiences. Each organization had joint facilitation in preparations, conclusions and recommendations for youth employment, internships and apprenticeships plans and strategies.

Business Plan Competition for youth entrepreneurs in Beletweyn

On April 7th 2016, Shaqodoon in partnership with Kaah Islamic Microfinance Services (KIMS) held a long day business plan competition event for 15 young entrepreneurs. The aim of the business plan was to encourage growth of entrepreneurial capabilities of young people and opportunity to pitch their business ideas in front of potential investors.

KIMS launched Youth Enterprise Initiative (YEI) shortly known as “KIMSPLUZ”, introducing new initiative intended to provide mid-size loan capital (from $5000 up to $50,000) to youth entrepreneurs to start or expand their businesses, with overall objective of expanding opportunities for Somali youth through entrepreneurship so it can be used as an effective strategy to fight against poverty and in particularly chronic unemployment among youth, through job creation and skills development, as well as providing access to finance.

Hence creating and building youth enterprises through a combination of innovative financial and non-financial services, from the time KIMSPLUZ was launched, over 400 loan applications had been received. Twenty entrepreneurs were selected from diverse business sectors by KIMS, successful shortlist were then enrolled into entrepreneurship boot camp training for period of two months. During the training period, youth gained access to comprehensive and interactive training course, business development support services, access to resources, as well as receiving guidance & support in developing winning business plans by Shaqodoon throughout the training period.

After completing two months comprehensive Build Your Business training, Shaqodoon organized one day elevator pitch event alongside with KIMS held at Daru-salam hotel, Beletweyn for eighteen [18] finalists.

The youth entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas in front of the investment committee/panel consisting of KIMS and Shaqodoon. The youth pitchers were given 10-15 minutes to present their business plans in front of the panellist followed by 10 minutes of question and answers after their pitch.

As part of normal investment process, KIMS will be conducting further due diligence on all youth pitchers, as a way to finalize and announce the winners.

Business Plan Competition for youth entrepreneurs in Kismayo.

April 2nd, 2016 Shaqodoon in partnership with Micro-Dahab MFI held a long day business plan competition event for 15 young entrepreneurs. The aim of the business plan was to encourage entrepreneurial capabilities of young people, by giving them the opportunity to pitch their business ideas in front of potential investors.

M-Dahab launched Youth Enterprise Initiative (YEI) introducing new initiative intended to provide mid-size loan capital (from $5000 up to $50,000) to start or expand their businesses with objectives of expanding opportunities for Somali youth through entrepreneurship as an effective strategy to fight against poverty in particularly chronic unemployment among youths, job creation and skills development, as well as providing financial access to young entrepreneurs and build youth enterprises through a combination of innovative financial and non-financial services. Once the project was launched, over 200 loan applications had been received. Twenty entrepreneurs were selected from diverse business sectors to enroll into entrepreneurship boot camp training for period of two months. During the training period, youth were given access to comprehensive and interactive training course, business development support services, develop winning business plans with continuous business plan development support, which was provided by Shaqodoon throughout the training period.

After completing two months comprehensive Build Your Business training, Shaqodoon organized a one day elevator pitch event, alongside with M-Dahab held at Kismayo Agan Hotel. The fifteen [15] finalist entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas in front of the investment committee/panellist, consisting of M-Dahab and Shaqodoon. The youth pitchers were give 10-15 minutes to present their business plans in front of the panel, followed by 10 minutes of question and answers where young entrepreneurs defended their business plans and respond to committee inquiries.

Silatech and Shaqodoon train Somali youth employment advisors

Silatech and Somali NGO Shaqodoon recently concluded a program in Hargeisa, Somaliland, training 12 local advisors to implement the Tamheed career guidance program which was conducted from 26th-29th of January 2015, the four-day program was the first-ever Tamheed training ever to be held in the Somali territories.

Silatech is a regional social initiative that works with partners throughout the Arab world to promote large-scale job creation, entrepreneurship, access to capital and markets, and the participation and engagement of young people in economic and social development. Since being founded in 2008, Silatech has financed over 104,000 youth-owned businesses, and created or sustained over 134,000 jobs.

Developed jointly by Silatech and UK-based Mindmill, Tamheed is a career guidance program that analyzes the personality and aptitudes of young people, and then helps to align these with available career paths. Tamheed is currently available through Silatech partnerships with universities, NGOs, and governmental institutions in Qatar, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and now Somalia.

The Tamheed career guidance training comes as part of a larger partnership between Silatech, Shaqodoon, and the American Refugee Committee (ARC) signed in June 2014 to develop a network of “One-Stop Shop” (OSS) centers for youth employment and business support services. Located in the main city centers of Hargeisa, Bosaso and Mogadishu, and easily accessible to both youth and employers, these OSS will serve as knowledge and career guidance hubs for young job seekers and entrepreneurs, as well as for employers looking for skilled youth.

Services available for job seekers through these OSS include soft skills training, Tamheed career guidance and work placement, as well as financial literacy training. Young entrepreneurs are able to access entrepreneurship training, business development services, and linkages with partner microfinance institutions.

Twelve students took part during the last day of training, providing an opportunity for the newly-trained advisors to conduct career counselling sessions aimed at helping them choose a career. According to one student, Fahad Shaker, “This system is almost ‘magical’ in that it reflected my personality and behaviour as they really are. The advisor helped me to identify my potential in only a short time, and gave me extremely valuable advice on what kind of careers might fit me best. Please make an effort to continue this kind of service for youth.”

Youth unemployment in the Arab World stands at 28 percent—the highest of any region in the world. Moreover, although they comprise around two-thirds of the labor force, the unemployment rate among youths in Somalia is one of the highest of any country in the entire world; according to a 2012 UNDP report, unemployment among Somalis aged 14-29 was 67 percent.

Shaqodoon is a youth-serving NGO that provides Somali youth with skills training, access to work, internships and self-employment opportunities. The American Refugee Committee (ARC) is an international humanitarian organization that has worked in Somalia since 2011, offering services to improve the well-being of families and communities.