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Shaqodoon Mobile Services

Mobile phones have increasingly become a means of communication across the country. Increasingly, mobile consumers are using their phones to keep them in touch with information about health, jobs and news. Shaqodoon is uniquely positioned to help you to turn this mobile revolution into a make change to the lives of millions of Somalis’. Shaqodoon provides the SMS/Voice gateways, shortcodes and mobile operator relationships to enable our clients to reach their mobile subscribers nationwide.

Partnerships with all the Telecoms in Somalia/Somaliland

Shaqodoon has forged strategic partnerships with all Somalia based telecommunications companies giving you access to all mobile subscribers both rural and urban including subscribers of Telesom (Somaliland), Hormuud (South Central Somalia), Golis (Puntland), Somtel (Somalia) and Nationlink (South Central). Shaqodoon heavily invested infrastructure includes dedicated SMS gateways and Interactive Voice servers host by All Somali telecom operators. This enables both us and our clients to achieve maximum throughput as far as sending and receiving voice and text messaging is concerned.

SMS Gateway

Shaqodoon provides a fully featured SMS platform that integrates third-party content providers into all Somalia based mobile operator’s infrastructure at very competitive rates providing access to 100% of mobile subscribers in Somalia. We offer a flexible messaging solution to SMS-enabled application, data or website.

Custom applications

Since 2011 Shaqodoon has been offering custom made applications to international organizations and we are the leading mobile applications service provider in Somalia. Applications such as beneficiary feedback and mapping applications using in-house and open source applications, market information systems for goods and services, SMS and Voice broadcasts, election monitoring, job-matching, survey/polling systems, business to business applications and integrate investment portal for financial institutions. Shaqodoon is able to develop a mobile-based application to client requirement.

Live Monitor and SMS Tracker

Shaqodoon’s Live monitor and tracker is part of Shaqodoon latest service to provide an accurate and independent Live Monitoring of all shortcodes and SMS gateway to ensure services are at an optimal. The Live Monitor, monitors if the shortcodes become inactivate, Shortcodes, messages deliver error are return, non-delivery or messages and delays. The system automatically sends outs a message if the service is down for more than 3 hours informing both the client and technical of the issue and for technicians to get to work to resolve it. The client will be kept up to date via e-mail until the services are normalizes. The SMS tracker is designed to track the delivery status of all messages ensuring complete transparency in service delivery and billing.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

In a country like Somalia were literacy skill is so low (an estimated 65% of the population do not read or write) IVR platforms are a great way to connect with people who have limited reading and writing abilities. This application allows organizations to send targeted voice messages directly to subscriber’s mobile phones. Shaqodoon IVR servers hosted at Telesom and with open access for a subscriber of Golis and Hormuud who combined have an estimated 95% of the Somali telecom market is able to bridge this gap. Shaqodoon IVR server is also hosted at Nationlink and plans to expand this service to Somtel subscriber in the near future. The IVR server can be integrated with third-party applications through Voice API or SIP interface.

Election Monitoring Platform

Shaqodoon’s SMS/Voice-based feedback platform gives the ability for citizens to monitor how well an election is being executed as well reporting on incidents occurring on polling stations promoting accountability and transparent election process. The feedback data is received in real time into a database, collated and shared for later analysis and review. The results is made available to the public through appropriate media including open source mapping platform Ushahidi. The activity is designed to empower citizens and discourage fraud during voter registration and polling.

Beneficiary Feedback Platform/service

The Beneficiary Feedback System is a quick and convenient way for beneficiaries of any project to give a direct feedback to implementing organizations about its programme on the ground in Somalia, using simple SMS text messaging and voice calls the beneficiaries can send their feedback about the actions of the project related interventions by sending suggestions, inquiries, aspirations, complaints, valuable comments for programme quality, quantity, implementation system, monitoring and evaluations, management of fund & procurement. The feedback is received in the mapping platform where it’s categories and tagged to gender, age, location and the nature of feedback. The feedback is shared with relevant stakeholder through a public mapping website and partner portal interface for responding to beneficiary feedbacks. The platform and the service is brilliant for monitoring small and large scale projects promoting accountability and transparency in program delivery.

Call Center/Hotline Service

For call centre and customer service inquiries, Shaqodoon provides a custom solution that enables organizations to receive direct client feedback and a platform for immediately reply to the issues raised from a web interface. Shaqodoon trained operators can receive calls on behalf of the partners, log calls and process SMS feedbacks in a mapping platform, categories to demographic information such as location, age, gender and feedbacks and type of feedback (i.e.)“complaints”. The report is generated and submitted to partners regularly to partners for action.


Our ready to use powerful polling and survey tools gives organization and companies the power to send large-volume polls/survey within minutes to subscribers and receive instant answers on a web platform. These tools are used to send out data collection questionnaires and opinion polling questions to targeted and segmented beneficiaries on a large scale via SMS. Subscribers can respond to survey/polling using their mobile texting messages sending their answers one by one. Incoming results appear in real time on a web interface, for quick analysis and follow up. Our systems already integrated to Somali mobile operators which means you can launch your campaigns immediately without needing to buy phone numbers, SIM cards, or mobile credit. These tools can save you time and money and If you don’t have time to conduct the surveys, Shaqodoon is there to carry it out with fashion.


Shaqodoon InfoMatch system is an SMS and voice-based platform connected to all Somali operators. The system has a number of key features to allow organizations to push job and training opportunities to Somali youth. The platform is fully SMS and voice integrated allowing for employers to post mini job add s using the mobile SMS functionality and job seekers posting their CV. The job seeker can be matched with an opportunity by simply sending the word “MatchMe” and relevant opportunities will be sent via SMS. The youth also able to receive job alerts matching their skills, education and work experience.

InfoMatch also has other power features accessible for partners to use including SMS alerts to disseminate information to youth, monitoring class attendance, conducting SMS based surveys and educational mobile based quizzes.


Shaqodoon organization is also a pioneer in the use of customised technology tools and innovations in supporting international organizations, humanitarian organizations, local companies, and NGOs maximize impact. For example, we introduced the use of crowdfunding in Somalia primarily to connect the drought-affected communities to their diaspora for resiliency building. The sokaab platform was the first the crowdfunding platform we have established in collaboration with DRC Somalia with funds from Somalia Stability Fund (SSF). Our crowdfunding platforms allow young entrepreneurs to drive the financing of their start-ups.

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